Student Services

Important Notice to Students

Please take note of the following critical points applicable throughout the course of your studies:

  1. Any student who is caught copying write-up of lab experiment, assignment etc. will be penalized before facing disciplinary action which may lead to expulsion.
  2. Kindly adhere to deadlines given by the academic/administrative staff for submission of projects, assignments, forms, applications etc. Please note that late submissions will not be entertained.
  3. Students are to read and take note of any letters/circulars which are sent to them from the department as these contain important information or actions to follow-up. Any omission of follow-up actions by students due to negligence or feigned ignorance will not be entertained or excused.
  4. Students are to refer to the Department of Real Estate notice board and access their emails weekly for any updated information or messages from the lecturers.
  5. If you are unsure of any issues or circulars which are sent to you, please contact the Department of Real Estate general office to enquire. Non-immediate queries may be sent to the following email address: or