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Welcome to the exciting world of real estate. It is one of the most dynamic and talked-about asset growth opportunities in today’s economy. According to the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA, 2010), the global commercial real estate assets stands at US$20 trillion.

At the heart of real estate is the creation and management of wealth. Our academic programme for undergraduates provides the best-rounded, grounded and practical training for our students to make their mark on the built environment.

The knowledge base required of real estate professionals has expanded considerably in view of the increasing trend towards globalisation and greater integration of real estate markets with global financial markets. As such, we have continuously reviewed our curricula to ensure that they are cutting-edge and encompass three broad areas of knowledge: The financial and investment element deals with real estate space and asset markets. Wealth creation and measurement revolves around real estate development and valuation. Urban policy addresses macro urban planning and management. To meet changing industry demand, we have introduced two new specialisations, one in real estate finance and the other in urban planning.

Our graduates, including many prominent and successful alumni in diverse fields locally and internationally, play key roles in the development of the built environment as well as the advancement of the quality of urban living.

We have a team of dedicated academic staff who are committed to excellence in real estate education and research. As reflected in the numerous international awards conferred on them, they are also at the forefront of research. A strong research culture benefits our students ultimately because classroom lessons are aligned with new knowledge at the frontier.

So join us for Real Estate education in NUS. We are confident that our programmes will nurture your talents and push your limits to help you make your mark on the built environment across countries and borders in creating and managing wealth.

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