Double Degree in Bsc (RE) & BBA/BBA (Acc)

Under the NUS ad-hoc Double-Degree Programme (DDP), the department has agreed with Business School to offer the following ad hoc DDP. Within the framework of here, the following four double degree programmes are available to current NUS undergraduates in BSc (RE) and BBA/BBA(Acc):

(a) BSc(RE)(Hons) + BBA(Hons)

(b) BSc(RE)(Hons) + BBA

(c) BSc(RE)(Hons) + BBA(Accountancy)(Hons)

(d) BSc(RE)(Hons) + BBA(Accountancy)

These programmes combine and synergize the strengths of the two disciplines in Real Estate and Business. Students going through these programmes will acquire core real estate knowledge and competencies that prepare them for professional careers in the real estate industry. At the same time, they will also learn necessary business skills and insights in the areas of organizational behaviour, finance and accounting, marketing, economics, and business law, among others, which prepare them for challenges in the business world. The combination of real estate and business skills will produce a new breed of business-savvy real estate graduates, who will be well sought-after in the increasingly integrated real estate and capital markets.

An applicant must have at least an “AO-level” pass in Mathematics or equivalent.

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