Bachelor of Science (Real Estate)

The Bachelor of Science (Real estate) degree programme at NUS trains real estate professionals to create and manage wealth in the context of the built environment. Recognising that Real Estate is Space and Money over Time, this programme is unique in providing an explicit link and interface between the spatial features of Real Estate and its financial attributes. Real Estate graduates play key roles in the development of the built environment as well as in the advancement of the quality of urban living through the transformation and management of real estate resources.

Whether your interests’ lies in Real Estate Finance and Investment, Real Estate Development, Valuation, Urban Planning or Property/Facilities Management, you can count on a good start now with the Department of Real Estate at the School of Design & Environment, NUS.

The edge of a comprehensive NUS education also means Real Estate graduates can diversify into other areas, securing managerial positions in organizations like banks, fund and asset management companies, insurance companies and training establishments.