Research Expertise

Department of Real Estate has three main research thrusts, upon which competitive advantages can be developed independently or jointly via alliances with researchers across disciplinary and geographical boundaries.

Real Estate

This research group focuses on real estate as an investment asset. Its research agenda cover global real estate investment strategies, portfolio diversification, asset pricing models; corporate real estate in relation to wealth creation, performance measures, corporate strategies; and securitized real estate such as property trusts, asset backed securities and financial engineering.

Urban planning and Institutional Analysis

This research focus group covers formal and informal institutions governing real estate markets, dynamics of real estate markets and implications for globalization and real estate investment; spatial distribution patterns of property values and land uses, inner city development, re-urbanization, urban consolidation and planned decentralization.

Housing and Urban Economics

Housing research aims to improve understanding of housing and urban systems in Singapore as well as regional countries. Major research themes are:

  • Economics of housing market
  • Economic analysis of housing and public policies and finance
  • Social housing and housing governance

The three research focus thrusts have set a clear directions and objectives for DRE to level up in the international research arena. Healthy competition is encouraged within and among the research focus groups, and these groups aim to establish a strong international reputation over the next five years.