Ongoing Projects

WBS No. Title Principal Investigator
R-297-000-142-115 Portfolio Greeness & Financial Performance of Singapore REITs Prof Joseph Ooi
R-297-000-141-112 Land Policies and Market Efficiency Assoc Prof Sing Tien Foo
R-297-000-139-115 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) Assoc Prof Yu Shi Ming / Assoc Prof Sing Tien Foo
R-297-000-138-133 Public Policies, Human Capital, Urbanization, and Social Welfare Outcomes Dr Huang Wei
R-297-000-137-115 A Study of Public Life and Social Connectivity in Singapore Using Mobile Phone Data Dr Diao Mi /Assoc Prof Fu Yuming
R-297-000-134-133 Empirical Studies on Urbanisation and Urban Quality: Migrants Integration and Neighbourhood Noise Dr Fan Yi
R-297-000-133-133 Housing policies and household outcomes: An international comparative approach Dr Cristian Badarinza