Outstanding Teaching Assistant

Teaching excellence awards serve three important functions in an institution of higher education. The awards recognise teachers who excel in their profession. Second, they serve as an indication of the importance the institution accords to teaching. Third, the awards send clear signals to the teaching community about what the institution regards as high quality teaching, i.e. by identifying the results that the institution’s teaching practices aim to strive for.

The winners will be selected based on student feedback report and faculty evaluation. We hope this inspires other research students to devote themselves for teaching excellence.

It is my great honour to be selected as the Outstanding Teaching Assistant. Teaching assistance programme in NUS provided us a valuable chance to enhance our teaching skills with in-class experiences. Most importantly, I am more than ever sure that I enjoy such experience in my pursuit of academic profession. To me, Being a good teacher, or even an educator is not simply a broadcasting of knowledge—but rather, forming a two-way supporting relationship with students: I deeply appreciate all students who listened and responded to me, it is their participations and efforts in the class that make me better acquire and deliver thoughts.

I would also express my sincere gratitude to my supervisor – Professor Joseph Ooi, an inspiring speaker and teacher whom I learned a lot from. Also I would take this chance to show my thanks to Professors and Supporting Staffs who joined and facilitated my teaching work in past three years. I will keep up to that.

Zhang Fan
Outstanding TA (AY2017-2018)

I am truly honored to receive the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. It is a great encouragement to me, a young teacher-to-be who is determined to pursue an academic profession. A good teacher, from my perspective, should be responsible for propagating the truth, impart knowledge and resolve doubts. I am trying to shoulder these responsibilities in my two-year teaching experience. Imparting knowledge to students is enjoyable, and I also take delight in resolving doubts for them. It helps me to think in students’ shoes and better understand their needs. As for me, teaching is not a one-way process but an interaction between tutors and students. The way students raise up questions in class is an instant reflection of my teaching technique and good for my introspection. I do enjoy this mutual learning process.
I would like to thank all the faculties who have afforded me teaching opportunities and helped me hone my teaching skills. I also want to express my gratitude to my students for all the valuable feedback and supports.

Jing Kecen
Outstanding TA (AY2016-2017)

I am deeply honored to receive the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. After three years as a tutorial instructor, I have come to appreciate the personally rewarding experience of teaching at NUS. My teaching goal is to promote critical thinking in a classroom setting that facilitates active and participatory learning. My teaching experiences at NUS have not only improved my interpersonal skills by providing me with numerous opportunities to communicate with different audiences, but also enriched my campus life as a research student. For me, teaching does not feel like work because I am doing what I love to do, and my experience as a teacher has been both rewarding and enjoyable.

Zoe Yang
Outstanding TA (AY2015-2016)