About MSc (Real Estate)

The Master of Science (Real Estate), MRE, at the National University of Singapore offers a broad-based professional education at the graduate level in the field of real estate. The programme aims to prepare candidates for advanced real estate careers in business, consultancy, research or public service, or in preparation for further academic training by:

  1. Providing exposure, at an advanced level, to the wide range of issues that reflect the principal areas of specialization in the real estate profession;
  2. Stimulating an awareness of the issues involved in international real estate;
  3. Developing analytical and methodological skills that are critical for management, decision-making and problem-solving roles.

The programme is offered on a one-year full-time basis or one-and-a-half year part-time basis. The part-time programme is open to only those domiciled in Singapore. New candidates will be required to attend a full-day induction module (RE5001 Real Estate Development) for one week. This is followed by evening classes, which are conducted between 7pm and 10pm. Candidates will be expected to attend classes at least two evenings a week.

1. Quality Teaching

The MRE programme is taught by well-qualified and experienced faculty from the Department of Real Estate. The teaching approaches incorporate the best of traditional and innovative methods using problem-based learning, case studies, applied projects, industry guest speakers and seminars.

2. State-of-the-art Knowledge & Tools

All faculty members are involved in cutting-edge research in their respective areas of specialization in the real estate discipline. In addition to the Special Seminar Elective on current issues and topics in real estate, candidates of the programme are welcomed to attend research seminars by research students, faculty members, and visiting professors.

3. Networking

The small class size and seminar format stimulate active participation, interaction and exchange of ideas among the candidates and the staff. Candidates working in various sectors of the real estate industry contribute to the learning process by sharing their practical knowledge and experiences.

4. International Perspective

The MRE programme is committed to developing an international perspective in all real estate disciplines. In addition to a strong team of international faculty, eminent professors from overseas have also been invited regularly to conduct special elective seminars on current real estate issues. In addition, course applicants are carefully selected to ensure a good mix of local and overseas students.

5. Programme Flexibility

The modular structure of the MRE programme allows students to design their specific individual needs. Whilst mandatory core requirements are imposed to dictate academic rigor, candidates have significant flexibility to vary the pace of their programme and to select elective modules in their area of interest.